Career Tips Tuesday – Sometimes It’s Ok to Brag

Career Tips Tuesday – The Anatomy of the Resume

A little professional bragging can go a long way in career success

Career Tips Tuesday – The Anatomy of the ResumeI am late today, but good things come to those who wait right? It seems like this Tuesday just ran away from me and I would never let the day pass without giving you my weekly dose of career and resume advice.

Recently, I was working with a female executive who was having a tough job search because she was marketing a very generic resume that lacked achievements. By just completing the pre-consultation questionnaire, she realized how much she was underselling herself to employers and recruiters.

  • Are you guilty of doing the same thing?
  • Do you find it hard to talk about your achievements and “sell” yourself in interviews?
  • Is your professional resume only highlighting the basics of your career?

I have repeatedly found that even the best qualified, talented and highly accomplished professionals feel guilty about their successes and often see self-marketing as an unnecessary bragging process. If you are the best kept professional secret, your path to career success will take much longer than planned.

What does selling have to do with my career?

Want to achieve steady career success? Get comfortable with selling and promoting yourself in tasteful, but confident ways.

Simple ways to “wow” them in career-related interviews

When you have a great story to tell, people listen and more importantly, they remember. Make sure you have a great story!

Ladies, can you do a little bragging for me?

Women, you know who you are, we always fall short in this area…be confident, share your career story and speak up for what you want in your career.