Career Tips Tuesday – 5 Must-Read Career Articles

Career Tips Tuesday - 5 Must-Read Career Articles | Premier Writing Solutions

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Career Tips Tuesday - 5 Must-Read Career ArticlesHow did we get to one week and a day away from the end of July 2013. If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I am not a complainer or whiner, but can we re-wind to the beginning of June?

Just for a little bit…I had so many grand plans and now I only have August to get them done. Life is good, but leisure and relaxation is even better and I have not done enough of that since the weather warmed up.

There is always a bright spot though right? Well, my mother is coming to visit for a week and that is plenty to rejoice and smile about:)

I decided to start a new blog series, so every Tuesday, I will offer you a round up of top career articles from prior posts. Let’s see how it goes.

Why Having A LinkedIn Strategy Counts

Copying and pasting your resume into the LinkedIn sections are not enough. Are you guilty of having an ineffective LinkedIn profile?

If The World is Digital, Why is Your Resume Flat?

Taking your resume into the digital world and beyond is not as complicated as you think…learn why it’s critical for job search and career success.

Wearing Entrepreneur and Executive Hats Together

Did you know you can think and excel like an entrepreneur in the corporate world? Gain insight on how simple career strategies and effective mindset shifts can set you on the right track to career success.

A Catch-All Job Search Is A Catch-None Strategy

Every job is not going to be right for you, so why spend time attracting all the wrong ones. Find out the best techniques for an effective, fruitful job search.

Are They Really Hiding the Jobs from You?

Could there really be a conspiracy to keep the best jobs for certain candidates? Inquiring minds want to know.