Motivational Strategies for Your Life, Leadership & Careers

September 7, 2022

How to Handle These 4 Tough Interview Questions

Congratulations on landing an interview for your dream job! So are you fully ready for the interview…including how to handle those difficult and sometimes tricky questions? Describing Your Setbacks or Weaknesses While you’re trying to […]
September 5, 2022

7 Ways to Successfully Change Careers

Are you ready for a career change? It’s never too late to try a new career on for size. But, changing careers can be a significant challenge, depending on your career of choice. Here are […]
August 19, 2022

Dealing with the Dreaded “Stress” Question in Interviews

Regardless of what position you are targeting and what professional level you are at, you’ll probably run into interview questions about how you handle stress. Why? Because it’s an important issue for just about any […]
July 31, 2022

Building Your Self Confidence in a Highly Critical World

Everyone has an opinion about something these days and if you are not careful, your self confidence and self esteem can take a hard beating. Regardless of your professional level or success to date, it’s […]
July 29, 2022

Resume Reminders Worth Repeating

Do a search on the Internet about resume and resume writing and you will find millions of tips, articles, comments and blog posts about the topic. Sometimes the information is confusing and downright conflicting. So […]
July 25, 2022

Is It Time to Get a Coach?

Working with a coach can make you energized, focused, sharp and productive, period! So, if you have never worked with a coach, here are some important questions to consider: 1. Will coaching work for you? […]
July 22, 2022

Steps to Leading with Impact

The critical times that we face today require great leadership on every level. 1. Lead by your example. It’s essential to be a good listener and role model. Your employees watch what you do, how […]
July 20, 2022

Simple Strategies to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Some leaders are born, some are created over time. If you’re in a prominent role where you need to step up a a leaders, here are some simple strategies to get you started today. 1. […]
July 18, 2022

Key Competencies of Great Leaders

Great leaders across the board share many common traits. Even though the criteria for workplace leadership can vary from company to company, the majority of effective leaders exemplify some of the same skills and traits. […]