7 Interview Mistakes That Kill Your Job Search Results

interview-mistakes-2014Congratulations! You have finally landed a job interview with one of the top companies on your target list.That’s exciting, now don’t screw it up.

Don’t ever fool yourself into thinking that interview mistakes are just for the inexperienced, early-in-career job candidates.

We know that first impressions count, so how about making your first impression stand out on your next job interview?

1) Giving long-winded, rambling answers

This is one area I warn my clients about over and over again. Listen carefully to the question, focus on about 3 key points in your answer and then stop talking. Avoid getting nervous just because there is silence or little response from the interviewer(s).

2) Criticizing your current or former employer

Regardless of how negative or disappointing your career experience is or has been with an employer, be diligent about giving the interviewer highlights of your work, career achievements and contributions.

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