Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How long does executive branding and resume writing process take?

The average turnaround time is between 7 to 10 business days after final strategy session and receipt of all other supporting documents and assessments. Work begins on projects once a deposit or full payment has been made.

Note: If your executive resume / career documents require more time, I will notify you of new completion date.

  • What happens if I want to make additions or changes to the executive / leadership resume?

All writing services include: ONE original draft, TWO revised versions and ONE final document. You have 30 days to submit changes before the documents are consider final.

  • Who actually conducts the branding session and writes my executive resume and career documents?

All executive resumes and career marketing documents are prepared by me, Abby Locke.

I work exclusively with senior professionals, emerging leaders and executives with their career growth for over 20 years.

  • What are your qualifications and expertise for doing executive branding and resumes?

I am among a handful of experts who has successfully attained top credentials in personal branding, resume writing, career management and leadership development.

As the former Certification Chair for the National Resume Writers Association, I played a strategic role in certifying other resume writers around the world.

Learn more about my background, qualifications and passion for this line of work here: Read more about Abby

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  • Do you offer discounts or reduced service costs?

I have built a successful practice on fair and consistent pricing that aligns with the value and transformation I deliver to my executives clients.

I have strong confidence in the value of my high-level branding and self-marketing services.

In addition, I stand behind the quality of my deliverables and more importantly my brand.

My business is NOT operated by price matching, 2-for-1, arbitrary discounts based on affiliations or relationships.

Discounted pricing for the same level of services to one client over another is not a practice I embrace!

Periodically, I will have specially priced offers that are available to everyone.

  • Can  I speak directly with Abby Locke before retaining her services?

Absolutely! Before taking on any clients, I require a discovery call to determine if there is a good fit on both sides.

 You will have the opportunity to understand her process and working style and to clearly explain your career background, job situation, unique employment challenges and any other issues.

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  • I have seen similar services that charge less, why are your prices higher?

Prices have been established to provide top quality service; the costs reflect the investment required to work with a top executive branding strategist, master resume writer and global career expert.

How can I help you with your market if I underestimate mine?

My ABrandYou™ system combines personal branding, strengths based coaching and strategic career storytelling.

— you will experience the powerful impact of executive branding

— you will unlock your leadership potential and brand strengths

— you will be challenged to think “innovatively” about market value and value proposition

Your satisfaction is paramount to my success. I work very hard to make sure that you are 100% satisfied, so if we are not the right fit, I refer you to one of my colleagues.

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  • Why should I hire Abby Locke over other certified resume writers?

The job market is too competitive to take chances with your career.

With me, you get more than a resume in the process.

Clients have repeated shared that they:

— walked away more confident about their strengths

— felt better prepared for interviews and networking

— having a better understanding of value proposition

  • What job or interview guarantees come with these services?

No guarantees at all. Similarly, buying a cast iron pan would not make you a top chef.

Executive resumes and career documents are strategic marketing tools. Not a magic pill or a quick fix.

However, when they are properly, consistently and effectively leveraged as part of a multifaceted, integrated job search or career growth campaign, my clients have gained top-paying job offers and double-digit salary increases.

Remember that even with the best efforts, your personal results will depend on the following:

  •  economic and market conditions (local / global)
  • your individual skill set and qualifications
  • the level of candidates you will be competing against
  • availability of viable opportunities that match your career goal(s).

If you are unsuccessful in securing interviews within reasonable time frame, I can assist you with a contemporary job search strategy plan at no additional cost.

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  • Can I talk to other executive clients that who worked with Abby to determine if it’s right for me?

I make no secret of my success with other executive clients.

I welcome referrals from successful clients, and fully appreciate word-of-mouth marketing, however I don’t impose on my former clients to do the “selling” of my services due to confidentiality reasons.

I will provide you with enough information to make a sensible, informed decision for an investment in their careers.

  • What is the cancellation or refund policy?

Once the proprietary ABrandYou™ paperwork has been released or the first round of draft documents have been delivered there is no refund. Project start dates and completion deadlines can be adjusted to suit clients’ situations.

  • Can I pay for the service through installments?

The unique nature of our services require full payment in advance, however, we do offer payment installments on a case by case basis. There is an additional $100 processing fee.

Alternatively, Abby encourages clients to leverage the convenient BillMeLater service offered through PayPal.

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