I devise powerful resume writing and career marketing solutions that help executives like you to build highly successful careers.

I like seeing everyone win!

I love working with people and helping them move beyond self-imposed glass ceilings.

I enjoy the process of unlocking their unique brilliance and key success traits.

I show my clients how to show up as powerful, authentic and bold in their lives.

I cannot ask you to operate in your gifts and purpose unless I am doing the same.

My signature brand archetype says “empowering leadership, prosperity and success in others” and I live that every day.

For as long as I can remember, I had the natural ability to connect with others, build their confidence and get them on track with their true career and personal life goals.

What I love most of executive branding, executive resume writing and coaching is seeing my clients experience that breakthrough and “aha” moment.

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How Do I Make This Happen?

I leverage a series of intensive and impactful personal branding, courageous yet intuitive strategic coaching, and insightful career marketing tools.

The end results for you are personal growth and “never-imagined”success goals.

  • Retired healthcare CEO shifted brand and landed new consulting gig in 30 days
  • Sales manager shed “single-industry” experience and joined top consulting firm in 60 days
  • HR program manager cracked career ceilings and became associate vice president in 75 days
  • Lifelong entrepreneur repositioned brand and became corporate employee in 30 days
  • Associate sales director leaped into coveted VP role in 40 days

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Can I Do This For You?


If you need to get enthused, excited and engaged again about your career, the answer is yes.

Time and time again, I have conceptualized techniques that captured the best of my client’s personal brand, value proposition, career-defining achievements, personality traits and power skills.

Ready to get started with one of the best executive resume writing and executive branding services?

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