What’s Your Burning Passion?

Do you feel like you are walking through life not knowing where you are going? Sure, you may have a great job now and even enjoy your career for the most part, but where are you really going?

  • What do you want your legacy to be?
  • What wakes you up in the morning and keep you pushing?
  • What commitment have you made to yourself for success?

Take a quick look around at those closest to you…who is really doing big things?

Success does not happen by accident, anyone around you who is making things happen is following a personal success roadmap.

 They know where they are heading. They have a burning desire and passion that pulls them forward, every single day.

When you reach a point where you want to make changes in your life, you have to first identify what you want to change, have a vision of what “next” looks like and do the work to make it happen.

Still not sure that you have a burning passion to do something…make a difference in the world and to other people?

Believe it or not everyone has a burning passion. Even if you haven’t yet identified it, you have a burning desire. The trick is to learn how to identify what will motivate you past the challenges in life and  obstacles to achieve your goal.

Start envisioning yourself in a position of power and growth. The movie, The Secret, made a big splash on the main screen several years ago. It was quite a hit because it helped viewers to understand how to transform their burning desire and passion into real goals that ultimately lead to success in life.

So how do you identify what it is that will push you over the hump, through the obstacles and around the challenges?

In some cases, people are able to identify their ultimate motivating factor without question. But, for the majority of us, we must start from a different perspective and understanding.

Start with short-term goals of what you want to achieve and works backwards to build a roadmap to get you there.

You may want to get out of debt, but simply focusing on paying your bills and getting enough money to get by. Try reaching for a bigger goal like financial freedom.

Financial freedom will not only mean your bills are paid, but it would mean you can take vacations, support family members, contribute to causes that are important to you and be mentally and emotionally to pursue even bigger dreams and yes, your burning passion.

Having a mindset for success is only half of the equation, action and clear, deliberate steps must come right after.

Only you know what motivates you to take actions. Go discover for yourself, keep digging and keep exploring.

What is one action you can take today to move your forward in achieving your life’s success?