Executive Interviews: Let Yours STARS Shine

starsIt is great when all the dots connect – during one of my career development workshop with federal employees, an observant participant noted that accomplishment statements used on executive resumes are great career success story builders for executive interviews. Yes, yes, yes!

Finding and replacing talented executive employees is costly and time consuming for companies, so they want to get it right the first time. Consequently behavioral interviews have become the norm in today’s job search.

Why am I telling you this? Because hiring managers do not want hypothetical answers, they want the facts – supporting evidence, clear examples, proof of performance.

Use the S-T-A-R formula to develop resume accomplishment statements and use those same statements to build your interview question responses. It is easy and logical to follow:

  • S – What was the situation or problem?  Where did this situation occur? what position?
  • T – Define your task or objective. How did you become involved?
  • A – Describe the action steps you took to achieve the objective. What did you do specifically, how did you get involved?
  • R – Can you measure your results or effectiveness? What were the outcomes and bottom-line impact?

Wait a minute, you can use these same examples for your performance reviews and annual self or company evaluations….hmmm….the possibilities are endless.