For your preliminary review, here is the language that represents the terms and conditions that every one of my executive clients agree to when working with me.

When making actual payment through my online merchant system, you are asked to agree to these terms and acknowledge your role in the process.

The specific deliverables will vary according to your customized package of branding and career marketing materials as outlined in your “Let’s Get Started” email.

PAYMENT: I understand that I am retaining Abby Locke / Premier Writing Solutions, LLC to begin one of the following services: executive branding, career marketing, resume writing, LinkedIn and / or career coaching.

SCHEDULING SESSIONS: I understand that I will be able to arrange my coaching, branding and/or phone/Skype strategy session depending on Abby Locke’s schedule of availability which will be presented to me following successful submission of my order.

MISSED APPOINTMENTS / CONSULTATION: Will be rescheduled according to appointment availability.

PERSONAL DATA: I agree that the career and personal data I supply are truthful, and I understand that Premier Writing Solutions, LLC will work with me in good faith to provide exceptional services based on that data.

CONFIDENTIALITY: I am assured that my identity and the nature of my sessions will remain private and confidential and that Abby Locke or any representative of Premier Writing Solutions, LLC will not share any information with a third party unless I give express permission in writing.

PROOFREADING: I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to review and proofread all documents before they are finalized, and I understand that two sets of corrections, changes and/or edits are included in the fee. (Does not pertain to coaching only clients)

REVISIONS: I acknowledge that if I do not follow up with corrections, changes and edits within 30 days of receipt of first-draft materials, I may incur additional charges to finalize the resume and other documents. (Does not pertain to coaching only clients)

PROJECT FINALIZATION: I understand that I will be provided by email all documents formatted in MS Word for PC and/or Mac, PDF for consistency in formatting and printing, and ASCII text once the project is finalized and approved. (Does not pertain to coaching only clients)

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Resume writing and career marketing document development services include the development of FIRST drafts, 2 REVISED drafts (if necessary) and FINAL document. Extra revisions once documents have been finalized will incur an additional fee. (Does not pertain to coaching only clients)

COMPUTER COMPATIBILITY: I understand that Premier Writing Solutions, LLC cannot guarantee the compatibility of computer files or that documents will retain their original formatting features unless used with a standard PC or MAC.

CANCELLATIONS: Once the proprietary paperwork has been released or the first round of documents have been delivered for review, there is no refund. Project start dates and completion deadlines can be adjusted to suit clients’ situations.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: In the event that I am completely unsatisfied or have lost faith in the ability of Premier Writing Solutions to provide a quality service, I will receive a pro-rated refund – amount will be decided on case-by-case basis.

GUARANTEES: I recognize and acknowledge that this career service does not include any express or implied guarantees. Individual successes are affected by market and industry conditions and a client’s level of experience, adaptability to workforce changes, skill sets, or continued motivation.