Great Career Story, Wrong Audience

selling-career-wrong-audienceWhenever I do presentations on resume writing and careers, there’s always someone in the audience wants to know about changing careers. Naturally, I gave her my story – yes, I can speak from direct experience about making dramatic career changes🙂

People tend to have tons of questions, but the most popular is “how can I re-write my professional resume to effectively make a career change?”

Well, a well-written resume should open the interview doors to get the conversation started, but before you get to resume writing, make sure you have the right story to tell.

If you are a successful engineer and want to become a product marketing professional, avoid “selling” employers and recruiters on your engineering career highlights.

Think about this for a moment, if you need a home contractor to upgrade your kitchen, are you going to get on the Internet and start researching chefs? I should hope not! So why tell a marketing director about your engineering expertise?

Make your resume content and career stories are both RELATED and RELEVANT to your target company’s needs. Anything else and you are just wasting your time.

Have you attempted to change careers lately? What has been your experience?