Resume Strategies for Challenging Career Situations

Are you struggling to write your resume because you…

  • Fear that age discrimination will get your resume tossed?
  • Are concerned that career gaps will not reflect positively on a resume?
  • Are unsure about how to translate freelance experience into value-driven content?
  • Are afraid that your entire career with one company rules you out for top-paying roles?
  • Are worried that multiple, short-term positions make appear like an unfocused job hopper?
  • Are nervous that the corporate world won’t fully appreciate your entrepreneurial background?
  • Are confused about aligning your current, lower-paying position with the rest of your career?

Well, you are not alone.

Many talented professionals like you have sabotaged their own job search by creating resumes that don’t effectively address their unique career situations.

But relax. In this free information-packed webinar, I will showcase you how professionals in diverse industries overcame many of those issues listed above.

More importantly, by implementing the innovative resume strategies I taught them, they achieved positive job search results.

The resume and coaching services I received from Abby Locke were excellent…

After working with her within two weeks, I had two exciting job offers in hand. I was able to negotiate with both employers from a position of strength because my accomplishments and value were clearly articulated. In fact, one employer complimented my resume several times — thanking me for making her job easier. – F. Russell, Director of Product Marketing

Abby is a very thorough and a knowledgeable professional…

I was changing careers and didn’t know how to present the breadth of my experience in a way that would flow into my next career. Abby is a very thorough and a knowledgeable professional. Her discovery process really helped to surface my talents and achievements in a career path that wasn’t exactly linear. Now my resume stands out and describes succinctly what skills and experience I bring to an employer. Thanks to my powerful resume I have found my next career opportunity and I could not be happier. – I. Fernandez, Vice President

I truly credit you…

I truly credit you for helping me position myself well for what has turned into the greatest career opportunity I have ever had. I was successful in getting not one, but two jobs in the same company with your help! – T. Stone, Vice President

Practical tips to help you think differently about yourself and your career

Join me to learn step-by-step techniques to develop a resume that highlight your strengths and minimizes career hiccups.

-> how to create a truthful, but “age-friendly” resume for 2022 job search

-> how to transition into a new career or new industry leveraging paid and non-paid experiences

-> how to load up the value of your consulting / freelance experience for highly competitive jobs

-> how to minimize the negative impact of job-hopping or career gaps on your resume

-> how to demonstrate career growth and expansion even if you only worked for one company 


WHEN: Saturday, March 12th at 11 am EST (60 minutes)

COST: Free

LOCATION: Zoom (Link provided after registration)

PRESENTER: Abby Locke, Master Resume Writer

IDEAL AUDIENCE: Early career, mid-career, career changers and non-executives

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