Overnight Consultant: Taking the Entrepreneur’s Leap

Well, now that I got your attention, let’s be real. Becoming a successful consultant does not happen overnight, but what if you had to get up and running very quickly?

  • How would you raise your profile, let others know about you, and open “yourself” business in a very short period of time?

Thanks to technology and vast array of resources, you could set up shop and open up for new business, practically overnight.

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s how…

Raise your professional brand.

  • Have a complete LinkedIn profile and indicate in your summary that you are accepting new clients
  • Create a Branded.me profile to serve as your temporary website as you work on getting a professional one
  • Get business cards made with your name, contact info and social media links.

Grow your professional network.

  • Consider setting up a LinkedIn company page to share updates about your services, solutions and other good news
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce and start actively participating in relevant networking events in your area
  • Diligently follow up with every person you meet and ask for introductions to at least 5 new people

Let everyone know about your consulting business.

  • Let all your colleagues, business contacts and former coworkers know that you are now a “free agent”
  • Leverage free PR distribution sites with a link back to your online profiles to raise awareness about your new services
  • Share your expertise through blogs, podcasts and free webinars to attract followers and potential clients

Up-level your branding and marketing communications

  • Develop a compelling one-page biography or business profile that captures your background, experience and expertise
  • Translate your big career wins into impressive case studies that you can include in an online or hard-copy brochure
  • Practice and practice so you can share your value proposition succinctly in an elevator pitch

Be crystal clear about your niche market and ideal client

  • Do your research and identify your most lucrative niches and drill down to your ideal client
  • Become very familiar about your ideal clients’ biggest challenges and how you can solve them
  • Speak the same language as your ideal client so you can connect with them in person and online

Have you ever been thrust into the independent consulting world?

What do you do to start generating income and clients very quickly?