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November 19, 2017

Using Assessments to Find Your Next Career

At some point in your professional or leadership career, you may have taken a career assessment to determine if you are on the right path. If you are considering probably changing jobs or careers, but […]
October 25, 2017

Career Growth: When Tooting Your Own Horn is Good

How competitive is your company? I don’t mean the external competition against other companies in the industry or marketplace…I am talking about the internal competition. The one where executives and emerging leaders have to be […]
October 25, 2017

Acing the Interview: A Guide to Answering Tough Questions

As a resume writer, career management coach and job search strategist, I work with my clients on all aspects of their career growth plan…often that includes interview preparation. It always seems to be one extreme […]
October 20, 2017

What’s Your Career Calling?

Recently, I came across a copy of an old article and notes I gleaned from a 2011 Oprah magazine that dealt with discovering your career calling. Now, finding our true calling – isn’t that what […]
August 2, 2017

What’s Your Burning Passion?

Do you feel like you are walking through life not knowing where you are going? Sure, you may have a great job now and even enjoy your career for the most part, but where are […]
March 20, 2017

What Are You Really Negotiating?

It’s really true what they say – everything is negotiable! When was the last time you negotiated? Was it for a new job offer, an internal raise, a promotion? What were you negotiating for? Larger […]
January 26, 2017

Raising Your Brand in The Workplace

Are you and your job a great fit? How about your work environment? Are you given opportunities to build your strengths, leverage your skills and grow professionally? So many talented professionals fall into the “sit […]
January 9, 2017

Work-Life Balance – Reality or Myth?

In a world and society that is kept running 24/7 by technology and constant engagement, is there really such as thing as work-life balance? It seems like for as long as I have been working […]
January 4, 2017

How Looking Back Helps You Move Forward

Whenever a new year comes around, take a moment to reflect on the past years. Start with an honest evaluation of your accomplishments, successes and failures. Welcome the new year with a celebration of the […]
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