Executive Interviews

How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Get You the Job

A cover letter is one of the most important pieces of your job application. It’s your chance to show employers why you’re a perfect fit for the job and how your skills and experiences can […]

10 Reasons You are Not Getting Second Interviews

Face-to-face interviews continue to be one of the most stressful part of the job search for many individuals. Up until this point, you have been able to hide behind your resume and LinkedIn profile, but […]

How to Handle These 4 Tough Interview Questions

Congratulations on landing an interview for your dream job! So are you fully ready for the interview…including how to handle those difficult and sometimes tricky questions? Describing Your Setbacks or Weaknesses While you’re trying to […]

Dealing with the Dreaded “Stress” Question in Interviews

Regardless of what position you are targeting and what professional level you are at, you’ll probably run into interview questions about how you handle stress. Why? Because it’s an important issue for just about any […]

Acing the Interview: A Guide to Answering Tough Questions

As a resume writer, career management coach and job search strategist, I work with my clients on all aspects of their career growth plan…often that includes interview preparation. It always seems to be one extreme […]

It’s Not the Same Old Job Search

I had the pleasure recently of working with an executive client on her job search strategy plan. I was very happy to learn that she stayed engaged in her career management and networking efforts over […]

Smart Interviewing Strategies You Already Know, But Sometimes Forget

For many people, no matter how long they have been in their careers, interviews are never fun. I often challenge my clients to think of the interviewing process as a meeting or an exchange of […]

Are You Overqualified Again?

If you are actively searching for new executive job opportunities, you may have experienced this before. You have aced the interview, felt confident about the outcome only to hear these dreadful words: “I’m sorry, but […]

Executive Job Search: What Does It Really Take?

You are energized, excited, positive and motivated - you have finally made up your mind to find a new job and you are off to a great start. Fast forward to 3 months, 6 months and even 18 months later. How do you feel? What is your energy like? Are you still excited about the possibilities.