Career Tips Tuesday: The 3 P’s of Career Success

Career Tips Tuesday: The 3 P's of Career Success | Premier Writing Solutions

executive-career-conference2I recently returned from a career industry conference in Orlando. Besides spending hours at the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot Center, I had the opportunity to re-connect with colleagues, make new connections and gain new knowledge.

The benefits are always two-fold, I learn more and increase my expertise and my clients get to reap the rewards.

So when was the last time you attended a industry conference specifically targeted to executives and senior-level professionals in your field? As I share some food for thought about career success, I want you to see professional development in this way:

  • Passion & Purpose: When you attend a professional conference or learning seminar, you have the opportunity to re-ignite your passion and renew your purpose. It also gives you a chance to see if you are still on the right path, in the right career and in the right profession.

Are still excited about what you do? Have you been able to erase the feelings of burnout or disinterest?

  • People: It is refreshing and often enlightening to interact with other professionals and colleagues in your industry who don’t work at the same company. You get to build new relationships, exchange best practices, and get a different perspective on your job.

Are there new technologies, systems or methodologies that you can take back to your company?

  • Precedence: You gain competitive advantage in your industry and profession by staying ahead of the curve. When you are equipped with new ideas and strategies that can drive “first-of-its” kind initiatives and programs, your career path is always filled with achievements.

If there is an internal position available, what do you bring to the table that others don’t? What unique value or promise of success can you offer your current employer?

The year is not over yet, what conferences, training seminars or trade shows can you attend to bolster your career growth?

Never underestimate the value of investing in yourself

Learn, learn and learn some more!

Stay ahead of the curve, today’s knowledge is tomorrow’s old news

Change is good when you know how to ride the waves


(Photo credit: Stuart Miles)