Career Tips – Driving Career Captors Away

overcoming-career-failureWell, apparently in my world, today is Tuesday. The holiday weekend and a great, fun trip to New York has shifted my personal universe, so I am giving you my Tuesday’s career tips today.

The recent news about Diana Nyad reminded me of the importance of pressing on, never giving up and holding on tight to your dreams and goals.

  • What are you holding onto that seems impossible?
  • What dreams have others squashed for you with their pessimism?
  • When was the last time you told yourself that you couldn’t do?

If at 64, Diana Nyad accomplished a tremendous achievement after “failing” for 5 times, what is stopping you?

Don’t fog up your mind

Often we are too close to the forest to see the trees…determine what is working, what is not working and what you can do differently.

Don’t stay stuck in the same routine

Nothing ever stays the same. Careers change, industries change, jobs change so why are you sticking with something just because it’s comfortable and safe.

Don’t miss your turn

There are times, we are waiting for change to happen and change is waiting on us. What actions can you take today? What’s needs to be taken of your to-do list?

Don’t keep looking back

We all make “mistakes” in our careers – we accept a lower salary, overlook a new job, let someone else take the credit…what ever skeletons are in your career past, release them today.

Don’t stifle your internal superstar

I personally believe that we all have hidden gems, make a determination to bring it out and let your inner light shine.

What “Diana Nyad” story can you create today?