12 Must-Haves for Your Consultant Bio

You are out there doing the right thing. You’re talking to prospective clients, expanding your network and making great connections with key decision makers. That’s great and I commend you for that…but what happens after that?

  • Do you have an updated LinkedIn profile?
  • Is there a website with compelling copy that you send them to?
  • What about a business bio or capabilities statement?

While I believe that in-person networking and face-to-face connections net the best results, often initial engagement with prospects and joint venture partners will begin online.

I always recommend that my clients leverage both online and offline marketing strategies to build their brand and create a following.

One effective way of doing this is through a consultant/professional bio. While this document can go a long way in helping you make a great first impression, your consultant bio has to be more than just your background or expertise, it must communicate an important message for prospective clients.

If you already have a consultant bio, how is it working for you?

  • Are you getting overlooked for projects because your bio doesn’t market you well?
  • Have you tried to cram everything in your bio so that it’s confusing to a prospective client?
  • Have you avoided putting a bio together because you don’t see its benefits?
  • Have you translated your experience and achievements into a consultant resume?

Whether you are writing your own consultant bio or hiring someone to create it for you, here are 12 questions you must consider ahead of time.

  1.    What are my prime areas of expertise?
  2.    What makes me unique (what I offer, how I deliver, my philosophy)?
  3.     What ways can I entice prospect clients so they want to work with me?
  4.     What is the core marketing message I want to convey?
  5.     Do my branding/marketing messages resonate with my ideal clients?
  6.     Who are my ideal clients and how well do I know them?
  7.     How will my marketing message stand out from my competitors?
  8.     What is my value proposition and brand promise?
  9.      Do I have signature consulting programs, products and services?
  10.      What can prospective clients expect from working with me?
  11.      Do I have testimonials from past clients that I can include?
  12.      Has my business focus changed significantly in the past year?

What are some other pieces of information that you would include in a consultant bio, consultant resume or consultant marketing kit?

Executive Career Bio Example